Meditation with Ajahn Wimokkha

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

There is a upcoming meditation session with Ajahn Wimokkha in the month of October. Ajahn Wimokkha will be giving a short course that can be very useful for beginners in kicking off their meditation practice and also, further reinforce the foundations of advanced practitioners. For more info, kindly direct your queries to the number provided in the poster.




Thank you!


_/\_ Sadhu! _/\_

Luang Por Damrong Dhamma Tour in SG

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Kindly take note that Luang Por Damrong will be taking over Luang Por Boon Chu due to health issues.


Please visit our website or FB to receive updated news on our events and activities.

_/\_ Sadhu _/\_

Meditation Retreat with Bhante Ukkansa (22 Apr, 29-30 Apr)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Bhante Ukkansa is in Singapore and will be leading a retreat on the 22nd of Apr and 29-30 Apr at Buddhist Fellowship West and WAY respectively.

Kindly refer to the poster below for exact details.

Weekend Meditation Retreats with Bhante Ukkansa

If you have any questions, you may pose them on our FB page or drop an email to this email address:

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