Forest WAY

ForestWAY is a sub-committee of Wat Ananda Youth. We organise meditation retreats and talks.

Purpose – To practice, learn, serve and propagate the Dhamma in accordance to the Thai Forest Tradition.

Some of the Ajahns that we have invited include:

pic Ajahn Dtun pic Luang Por Viradhammo pic Ajahn Cattamalo

pic Ajahn Dhammasiha pic Ajahn Cagino

(L to R: Ajahn Dtun, Luang Por Viradhammo, Ajahn Cattamalo, Ajahn Dhammasiha, Ajahn Cagino)

We are seeking volunteers who can help us with the following:

– Kitchen (set up tables, washing)

– Transportation (car required)

– Kappiya (Male volunteers only. To tend to all needs of Ajahn)

– Emcee (set up projector, event hall)

If you are interested, please email