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Sunday Morning Service (June 2014)

:: ALL are welcome ::

1) Wat Ananda (50-B Jalan Bukit Merah)

Time: 9.30am to 11.15am

Venue: Meditation Room, level 3 (new building)

1 June  – Sadhamma by Bro Alvin Lian

8 June  – Practising with your defilements by Bro Ng Wei Meng

15 June  – Are there secret teachings in the Dhamma by Bro Luis Lioe

22 June  – Noble Eightfold Path by Dr Ng Yuen Yen

29 June – My Dhamma Journey by Bro Chew Ann Hao

2) Dhamma Wisdom Centre (27 Jalan Senyum, 5 minutes walk from Kembangan MRT)

Meditation and chanting every Sunday.  We may play recorded audio talks by Ajahns from the Thai Forest Tradition during the session.

Time : 9.30am to 11am

There will be a lunch dana to the Sangha after the service. If you wish to offer lunch dana, please reach between 10.45am to 11am.

Vesak Day 2014

Vesak 2014 poster A3

Join us to celebrate Vesak day on 13 May !
On this day, let’s recollect the qualities of the Buddha and His Teachings and practise what he taught by engaging ourselves in wholesome activities.
Listening to Dhamma talks on this day is definitely one of the wholesome activities which one can engage in.  Do drop by to attend the talks that we have lined up for you :)
Wat Ananda (50B Jalan Bukit Merah)
12 May
1930 – Candle procession
2300 – Countdown to Vesak : Chanting and blessings
13 May
0930 – Talk : Meditation by Dr Ng Wai Chong
1100 – Lunch dana
1430 – Talk : Vesak – Birth, Enlightenment and Mahaparinibbana by Gotama Buddha by Dr Ng Yuen Yen
1915 – Candle Procession
Dhamma Wisdom Centre (27 Jalan Senyum, 5 mins walk from Kembangan MRT)
12 May
2130  Overnight meditation till 730am
13 May
0900  Robe & Candle Offering (9am onwards)
1000  Talk : Nobody? Somebody? by Dr Ang Beng Choo
1130  Lunch Dana to Sangha (please reach by 1100)
1400  Talk : Big Enlightenment, Small Enlightenment by Bro Kweh Soon Han
1930  Evening chant, candle procession
Bathing the Buddha ceremony is available throughout the day.  This act reminds one of the importance of purifying one’s mind.