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Ajahn Cattamalo (Dec 2015)

Ajahn Cattamalo Dec 2015Talks

9 Dec (Wed)   Talk @ NDR (7.30pm)

10 Dec (Thu)   Talk @ Wat Ananda(7.30pm)

11 Dec (Fri)   Talk @ Wat Ananda (7.30pm)

12 Dec (Sat)   Talk @ Wat Ananda (4.00pm)

13 Dec (Sun)   Talk @ Wat Ananda (9.45am)

Meditation Retreat(12 – 13 Dec) @ Wat Ananda

7.30a to 8.00pm

Pls register via http://goo.gl/forms/UkMfQSioGn

Fees – We welcome donations to defray the costs of holding the retreat.

(Please visit our website nearer the date for any changes to the programme.)

Ajahn Cattamalo was born in Germany.  He travelled to Thailand in 1987 where he was ordained as a Buddhist monk in the Thai forest tradition at the age of 22.  He received most of his training in Wat Pah Nana Chat and practiced in various monasteries of the Ajahn Chah lineage for 7 years.  In 2008, after spending another brief period in Thailand, he went back to Germany to help establish “Muttodaya” the first forest monastery in his home country, where he resides since.

 Wat Ananda Youth (WAY) – Wat Ananda Temple @ 50B Jalan Bukit Merah, level 3 (new building) . way1966@gmail.com . www.way.org.sg

Nibbana Dhamma Rakkha (NDR) – 24 GeylangLor 29 #04-00 Leow Shih Association Building . ndr.activity@gmail.com

Ajahn Cattamalo Dec 2014

Ajahn Cattamalo Dec 2014Ajahn Cattamalo is back again this year and will conducting a weekend retreat in Dec.



Meditation Retreat – 13 and 14 Dec (Sat and Sun)

Time – 7.30am to 8pm

Costs – FOC.  Donations are welcomed to defray the costs of running the retreat.

Dana – If you wish to offer dana to Ajahn, please reach before 10.45am.

Venue – Wat Ananda Temple @ 50B Jalan Bukit Merah



Registration (29Nov – Closed due to overwhelming response.  Thank you.) 

(If any enquiries, please email to way1966@gmail.com.)



6 Dec (Sat), 7pm @ WAY – Finding peace in a hectic life

7 Dec (Sun), 9.30am @ WAY – Kamma

(There is dana at 11am on 7 Dec.  Pls reach before 10.45am.)

8 Dec (Mon), 7.30pm @ NDR – Managing unhappiness (dukkha)

10 Dec (Wed), 7.30pm @ BF – Gratitude to parents

12 Dec (Fri), 7.30pm @ WAY – Coping with sickness and dying

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