Ajahn Cattamalo Zoom Session

Dear Brothers and Sisters

On the 19th November, we will be hosting Ajahn Cattamalo for a Q&A zoom session. With the appearance of Covid-19, all of lives were affected and some of us may have difficulties coping with the changes or with our own practice. This would be a timely opportunity for us to clarify our doubts or remove those obstacles.

See you at the session, Brothers and Sisters!

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_/\_ Sadhu! _/\_


Ajahn Cattamalo Meditation Retreat and Talks in Singapore (6/12-13/12)

Greetings Brothers and Sisters of the Dhamma!

Ajahn Cattamalo will be in Singapore to lead a meditation retreat and give dhamma talks as well. Kindly refer to the poster for more details and do register if you wish to attend the retreat.

6f14093d-8aaf-4cfc-be33-df37e66e745fIf you have any questions, please contact us through FB – WAY SG, or via email – way1966@gmail.com .

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One Day Retreat with Luang Phor Boon Song 28/09 – 29/09

Greetings Brothers and Sisters!

Luang Phor Boon Song is visiting Singapore in September and he will be holding a one day retreat at Wat Paleilai. Kindly refer to the poster below for more details.


LP Boonsong (1)

If you have any queries, kindly contact us through our email: way1966@gmail.com, or our FB: WAY SG.

_/\_ Sadhu! _/\_