Ajahn Cattamalo (Dec 2015)

Ajahn Cattamalo Dec 2015Talks

9 Dec (Wed)   Talk @ NDR (7.30pm)

10 Dec (Thu)   Talk @ Wat Ananda(7.30pm)

11 Dec (Fri)   Talk @ Wat Ananda (7.30pm)

12 Dec (Sat)   Talk @ Wat Ananda (4.00pm)

13 Dec (Sun)   Talk @ Wat Ananda (9.45am)

Meditation Retreat(12 – 13 Dec) @ Wat Ananda

7.30a to 8.00pm

Pls register via http://goo.gl/forms/UkMfQSioGn

Fees – We welcome donations to defray the costs of holding the retreat.

(Please visit our website nearer the date for any changes to the programme.)

Ajahn Cattamalo was born in Germany.  He travelled to Thailand in 1987 where he was ordained as a Buddhist monk in the Thai forest tradition at the age of 22.  He received most of his training in Wat Pah Nana Chat and practiced in various monasteries of the Ajahn Chah lineage for 7 years.  In 2008, after spending another brief period in Thailand, he went back to Germany to help establish “Muttodaya” the first forest monastery in his home country, where he resides since.

 Wat Ananda Youth (WAY) – Wat Ananda Temple @ 50B Jalan Bukit Merah, level 3 (new building) . way1966@gmail.com . www.way.org.sg

Nibbana Dhamma Rakkha (NDR) – 24 GeylangLor 29 #04-00 Leow Shih Association Building . ndr.activity@gmail.com


Ajahn Dtun’s Singapore Trip Nov 2015

Ajahn Dtun Nov15Ajahn Dtun will be visiting Singapore in Nov 2015.

28 Nov (Sat) & 29 Nov (Sun)
9am – Dana
11am – Q&A
7.30pm – Dhamma talk

30 Nov (Mon)
9am – Dana
11am – Q&A

Venue: Wat Palelai (Address: 49 Bedok Walk)

Please reach by 8.15am if you are offering dana.  If you are bringing fruits, please cut them beforehand.

Due to health reasons, Ajahn Dtun has to refrain from taking the following:
Meat (including poultry and seafood), animal by-products (e.g. milk, yogurt, bird’s nest, essence of chicken), all beans and nuts, ginseng and food that is too oily, sweet or salty.


Sunday Morning Service Aug 2015

SMS Aug2015:: ALL are welcome ::

Wat Ananda (50-B Jalan Bukit Merah)

Time: 9.45am to 11.15am

Venue: Meditation Room, level 3 (new building)

2 Aug – Sutta Discussion: Canki Sutta by Sis Sylvia Bay

9 Aug - No Sunday Service (Please note that there will be no Service on this day.)

16 Aug -Sutta Discussion: How to be successful.  MahanamaAnguttaraNikaya, Book of Elevens by Dr Ng Yuen Yen

23 Aug - Dhamma for everyone.  Reference from Suttas on character and behaviour building by Bro Kim Foo

30 Aug - Who’s the boss? Sharing on the six sense bases by Sis Ng Lay Hoon

Lunch dana to the Sangha at 11.15am. Please bring some food to offer and reach by 10.45am.


Ajahn Dhammasiha Jun 2015

Ajahn Dhammasiha Jun2015Ajahn Dhammasiha will be in Singapore from 25 to 28 June 2015 and will be giving talks during his stay here.


26 Jun (Fri), 7.30pm – Talk
27 Jun (Sat), 11.00am - Dana
28 Jun (Sun), 9.30am – Talk
28 Jun (Sun), 11.00am – Dana
Above activities are held in Wat Ananda.  Talks will be held in the new building, level 3.


Pls see attached poster for his entire programme.

Ajahn Dhammasiha was ordained as a Theravāda Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka in June 1995, with most Ven. Pandita K. Sri Jinavamsa as preceptor.  In 1998 he went to Australia and started training in the tradition of Ajahn Chah, first at Bodhinyana Monastery in Perth, and later at Vimokkharam, a quiet Forest Hermitage in Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges.  During this period, he was fortunate to receive teachings from some of the foremost living teachers of the Thai Forest Tradition, like Tan Ajahn Tui and Tan Ajahn Plien, on their visits to Australia.


Ajahn Dhammasiha arrived in Brisbane in 2007 on invitation by Brisbane Buddhist Vihara, to help in establishing a forest monastery in South East Queensland.  He is now the abbot of Dhammagiri Forest Hermitage, the first forest monastery in Brisbane.