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May 2015 – dhamma talks by visiting Ajahns

MAY 2015 – Talks by visiting Ajahns @ Wat Ananda Temple ( level 3 new building dhamma hall ):

LP Thun May2015a1) Luang Por Thun (52 vassas)

– 15 May 2015 (Fri), 7.30pm

Luang Por is one of the first batch of disciples ordained by Ajahn Chah at Wat Nong Pah Pong.  He was appointed by Ajahn Chah as the abbot of Wat Pah Tam Seng, the 5th branch monastery of Wat Nong Pah Pong.

Photos of Luang Por’s trip to Singapore.

2) Ajahn Sewang  (25 vassas)

– 17 May 2015 (Sun) – 10am Puja/meditation , 11am starts dhamma talk

3) Ven Kai Zhao – 27 May (Wed), 7.30pm

Topic – Method 2: Temporary elimination of defilements through concentration (talk will be in Mandarin)

Sunday Morning Service (May 2015)

SMS May 2015:: ALL are welcome ::

Wat Ananda (50-B Jalan Bukit Merah)

Time: 9.30am to 11.15am

Venue: Meditation Room, level 3 (new building)


3 May – More Dhamma, No Drama by Bro Tee Koon Tiong

10 May – Four Noble Truths by Bro Lim Meng Hou

17 May – Dhamma sharing by Ajahn Sewaeng (please note timing on this day : 10am – Puja and meditation, 11am – talk)

24 May – How the practice has helped me in my daily life by Bro Loh Wenjie

31 May – Dhamma sharing by Ven Chuan Guan

Lunch dana to the Sangha at 11.15am. Please reach by 10.45am.