Community Service

We organise various activities to reach out to the community, particularly the elderly from the low income families staying near Wat Ananda Temple.

1) Quarterly rations distribution

In 2007, we started a project to distribute rations to elderly staying around Chinatown, Jalan Bukit Merah, Commonwealth etc.  This project started off as a Vesak day project to remind ourselves of the key teachings of the Buddha, particularly on metta (loving-kindness), karuna (compassion) and dana (generosity), on this very important day.

With support from friends and members, we eventually expanded this project to distribute rations from an annual basis to a quarterly basis.

Most of the elderly stay in 1- or 2-room flat and face some financial constraints.  Some need help in carrying out their daily activities and require diapers on a regular basis.  Some are not able to take solid food and rely on milk feed to sustain their life.  They are referred by social workers after doing an assessment of their family situation.


2) Ad-hoc projects

We also organise the Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn celebrations annually for some elderly staying around this area. Other than this, occasionally we are also activated by social workers to help clean up the flats of some elderly.

If you are keen to volunteer for any of these projects, drop us an email to