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Bhante Thitayanno – Meditation Retreat and Talks

12 Apr   9am to 6pm   – Meditation Retreat

12 Apr   7.30pm          – Talk : Various techniques in meditation and its benefits

13 Apr  9.30am           – Talk : 31 Realms of Existence

Venue: Dhamma Wisdom Centre (27 Jalan Senyum)

Meditation Retreat – The following is the full program for the day:

Satipatthana Meditation – It is a method of meditation where we observe every moment, feelings that we are experiencing. The method leads us to maintain moment by moment the mindfulness of body,feeling, mind or mental phenomena. For the first half, bhante will be guiding the meditation.

For those who are interested to come for the retreat, do register at the following link:


Bhante was ordained as a Bhikkhu (Monk) in Wat Bovorn Bangkok in 1999, where he spent 1 Vassa. Bhante then went to International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University in Yangon, Myanmar and spent 3 Vassa in Myanmar to study and teach meditation. In 2003, Bhante returned to Indonesia and led Indonesian Tipitaka Centre in Medan. In 2006, Bhante was assigned to West Kalimantan to become the head abbot for the region. Currently, Bhante is active in giving talks and teaching mediation around Indonesia.