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Venerable U Ukkansa : Samatha and Vipassana Meditation Course 2015 (Part 1)

Bhante Ukkansa Jun2015Venerable Ukkansa will be conducting a meditation course in June-July 2015.

Dates: 7 June – 26 July (Every Sun and Tue, except 28 Jun)
– Tue : 7.30pm – 9.30pm
– Sun : 9.00am – 11.00am

Registration is not required. ALL are welcome.

Venue : Wat Ananda, new building, level 3.

Enquiries : way1966@gmail.com

Course outline:

  • Introduction of Samatha and Vipassana
  • Mindfulness of breathing: nimitta, four levels of jhānaand five jhāna masteries
  • Meditation on 32 parts of the body
  • Kasiṇa meditation
  • Four sublime abidings: Mettā, Karuṇa, Muditā, Upekkhā
  • Four protective meditation: Loving-kindness, Recollection of the Buddha, Foulness meditation and Recollection of Death
  • Four Elements Meditation
  • Sixteen Vipassanā knowledges & path to Nibbāna