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Luang Por Liem Visit in SG (25th-28th March)


Luang Por Liem will be in Singapore for a short visit from 25th to 28th March.

The following is the schedule for his trip:

Friday, 25th March @ Paleilai Buddhist Temple

8:45am: Meal Offering; Dana

7.15pm: Evening Chanting

7.45pm: 1-hour meditation with Luang Por



Saturday, 26 March

9:00am: Meal Offering; Dana @ NDR

10:00am: Short Sharing/Q&A @ NDR

7:00pm: Evening Chanting @ Paleilai Buddhist Temple

7:30pm: Dhamma Talk @ Paleilai Buddhist Temple


Sunday, 27th March @ Paleilai Buddhist Temple

8:45am: Meal Offering; Dana

7:00pm: Evening Chanting

7:30pm: Dhamma Talk

9:30pm: Requesting Forgiveness with The Venerables


Monday, 28th March @ Paleilai Buddhist Temple

8:45am: Meal Offering; Dana


A short biography of Luang Por Liem

Luang Por Liem Thitadhammo, 75 years old this year, is a Buddhist monk in the Thai Forest Tradition. After higher ordination at 20 years of age, Luang Por practised in several village monasteries throughout the Northeast until he joined the Forest Tradition in 1969 and took up the training under Luang Pu Chah. After Luang Pu Chah became severely ill in 1982, Luang Por Liem was entrusted to lead the monastery – Wat Nong Pah Pong. The Sangha of Wat Nong Pah Pong then appointed Luang Por Liem to take over the abbotship after Luang Pu Chah’s health worsened. Luang Por Liem was also given an honorary monastic title by His Majesty the King of Thailand for a second time. He is presently known as Tan Chao Khun Pra Phrarachapavanavikrom.








Sunday Morning Service (March 2016)

::All are welcome::

Time: 9.45am to 11.15am

Venue: Wat Ananda (50-B Jalan Bukit Merah) | Meditation Room | Level 3 (new building)

Date: 6th March 2016
Topic: ECG Chanting Session
Speaker: Brother Tee
Date: 13th March 2016
No SMS.  Community Service
Date: 20th March 2016
Sharing by Kyle Neo – “How Dhamma saved my life”
Date: 27th March 2016

Topic: Meditation session

Lunch dana to the Sangha is at 11.15am. If you wish to offer lunch dana, please bring along some food and be at the dining hall by 10.45am.